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Live every day to the fullest

  Robert Nigel

Reality is Always, Already the Case (Adi Da)


Love matters


Nothing has great as the almighty Law of KARMA


"Singing and dancing are the voice of the dharma, and screaming and moaning are also the voice of the dharma."- Charlotte Joko Beck


Life is but a dream within a dream

People are talking...
"I met JJ shortly after joining... we live a few hours away but we decided to meet anyway... we've been together ever since and we really click... I never thought something this useful would be created in the Buddhist world. Thank you BuddhistConnect! "

-- Priya, New York

"It's not easy finding fellow Buddhists with the busy life I live! ... But BuddhistConnect hooked me up with two new friends that I feel like I've known for years... and one of them I met because I bought her car from her!"

--Jay, San Diego

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